Funding extraordinary entrepreneurs and breakthrough ideas

Talkwithus invests in growth and late stage companies that disrupt innovation in the areas of energy, digital media & internet technology. We are flexible on investment size depending on the needs of the business.

Investing in and building companies that stand the test of time

We seek to collaborate with entrepreneurial companies that portray high growth opportunity, defendable business models, scalability, dedicated management teams and attractive exit potential.  We are generally Asian focused but our flexible business model allows us to invest in the Middle East, Africa and Europe as well.

We believe we are well placed to capture the opportunities ahead of us. Talkwithus strong business engineering, finance  capabilities and the deep networks built over many years, provide our portfolio companies the leverage they need to expand beyond their home country.

Acquisition, Investment and Development Capabilities

Investment Appraisal

Talkwithus venture capital team members are experienced in finance, project development, engineering and investment.

Project Execution

Drawing upon internal and external resources, Talkwithus has the capability to execute projects in a seamless and efficient manner.

Capital Sourcing

Close relationships with global PE funds and international banks is our gateway to the world, Talkwithus is able to globally source for co-investors and acquisition and project financing.

Transition and Asset Management

Talkwithus staff has extensive experience in post merger / acquisition integration across the globe and in managing assets post-acquisition and  growing them further to enhance value.

On Going Business Management

The team comprises of seasoned professionals  with strong operational track records in complex businesses and held executive and  board positions in dynamic companies.

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