Doing the right thing sets the foundation for long-term success

Talkwithus  was founded on a belief, that through creating a network of investments in varied but associated fields, that it can achieve a solid foundation on which to achieve financial growth and development and to further use this stability to fund the development of Trade facilitations in the South Africa region and beyond. We stand firm in the belief that through diversification we can accomplish financial stability through global recessions and market collapse.

We take pride in conducting our business with integrity.

Talkwithus does not however solicit as we are not a walk in Business Company, application for assistance or business is evaluated by the respective team and if the business is desirable we then work with the client to create an effective and stable business plan and provide the necessary assistance in the targeted arena to accomplish success.

Talkwithus network includes Finance companies, Private Banks, Traders, Technology and Logistical Companies, enable us to offer a complete trade solution to companies and individuals intrepid enough to take on the world of international business. We facilitate transactions in Middle East, African, European and Asian Markets.

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